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An Exciting Drone Soccer Game

Now, gameofdrones is bringing a thrilling experience of playing Soccer games using toy drones. Look no further, gameofdrones is a trusted platform to enjoy a myriad of games. Come on in and join the frenzy!

Soccer Game: A Fun World with Toy Drones

Drone Soccer is a very new futuristic game, just two years old. Few geometrical balls fly three meters high and collide with each other in a flash of LED lights. The game needs piloting, mechanical and strategic skills. Teams score points by sending a drone through the obstacle.

The opposing team’s goal a hanging hoop. Players consists of 10 team members. Among the five drones of each team, only one can go through the goal: the “striker” drone. The game was introduced in 2016, which is now available in Pakistan and Spain.

The drones are encased in shells of carbon fiber so they can crash into one another, bounce on the ground, and keep flying. The game is becoming popular and has more than 30,000 players all over the world.In soccer, aerial footage from drones can bring that same overview, and myriad new viewing angles, to real-life soccer while allowing managers to remain pitch side to coach their teams.

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