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Air Battle Drone is a fun game that is going to fascinate every kid. Battle drone is a competitive and fun game, quite unique and absolutely safe to play. The drones come on four different forms. Every battle is going to be different and requires skill to win each session.

A Fascinating Gaming Experience

The battle drones are super easy to fly that make both parties to enjoy games. The battle gaming kit comes with various weapons that can be attached in any combination to the drone and then the two players or two teams compete to knock as many weapons from their opponent as possible. The drones come with four different battle modes namely ram, tornado, 360 spin and circle, each with their respective button on the control pad. Therefore, each battle is going to be different and requires skill to win each session.

The players mission is to shoot down the enemy robot drone using the drones. Play with your friends in drone battles. Shoot down opponent drones with your favorite weapon.These are very light and there are very less chances of drones causing any damage to property. When fully charged, a drone fly for few minutes. The high-quality batteries can be charged very quickly. It is safe to play for all ages.

Battle Drones is a new way to play and one of the most exciting next generation toys currently available on the market. In fact, the Air wars drones is a perfect introduction to modern day technology that is perfect for kids to enjoy.

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